Our consultants are well-versed in project management methodologies, which have been utilized on very high profile mission critical projects. The methodologies include Value Earned Tracking, which is extensively applied by to our projects. Our founder has successfully applied this very process to several projects, such as the development of World-Wide Database, and Inertial Navigation system for AIR FORCE ONE.

Most Project Management techniques, address the planning stage: Tasks are laid out in a sequential manner, based on what tasks needs to be completed prior to any other task, what are the inter-dependencies, what skill sets are required for which tasks, when are these skill sets available for each task that requires it (resource planning), and so on.

Much of this, with some experience, can be accomplished by following the tutorials of project management tools, such as Microsoft Project. However, the real management techniques prove their value when surprises arise during the implementation phase, or some tasks take longer than anticipated. How does one keep the schedule intact, and still deliver a quality product? How does one avoid the 90-10 rule (90% of the project takes 10% of the time, and the last 10% takes 90% of the time)?

Compublue's Value-Earned Tracking technique successfully addresses all such issues. By applying our techniques, and know-how, when for instance 20% of a project's time table has passed, we can determine whether we are 22% done (ahead of schedule), or 18% done (2% behind schedule). For more detail, please see "Value Earned Tracking Plug-in" section.