Even the best IT strategies will not deliver on their promise, unless supported by a well crafted IT architecture. There are many facets to the IT architecture. At the hardware level: The communication backbone, the layout of servers, clients nodes, security equipment, and communication configuration. At the software level, the security software, the server and client operating systems, as well as applications that actually meet the business needs. Compublue can provide you a complete set of solutions to meet your IT needs.

Our IT Architecture Services

We are experts in evaluating your existing environment, and making recommendations for improvements. We have a comprehensive approach, which allows us to examine all layers of technology involved in making an IT architecture perform well.

We can implement complete solutions, or provide enhancements, to your existing environment. All of our implementations are based on well-documented standards-based solutions. Before any solution is implemented, our architects develop the drawings for the implementation. The architecture, and the implementation plans will be reviewed with your organization, and upon approval, we will proceed.

Compublue is capable of providing IT support for your IT infrastructure. We can provide the support on site, or remotely, depending on your needs. This support includes application level, operating system level, and communication equipment level support, including hubs, routers, and cabling.